Thursday, October 01, 2009

Somebody's watching me ...

Do you have a preschool-aged child? Perhaps you can relate to this song then. Molly is constantly watching me, following me, asking me questions, etc. It seems like the more attention I give her, the more she demands.

Today we ate breakfast and took her brother to the bus stop. We have done a craft and read some of her Brain Quest cards. She also pretended to get ready alongside me in the bathroom.

Its just 11 a.m.

My Mom tells me to appreciate that she wants to spend time with me because one day she won't and I understand this concept. Really, I do. But seriously .. when someone is watching you poop it gets a little hard to see the trees through the forest.

Or alternately she will demand my attention, get distracted and then I will move on to do something else. The minute I do, she is pissed because I am not paying her attention.

I am not good at getting down on the floor and playing Polly Pockets, Barbies, or other imaginary games. Puzzles, games, crafts and reading are more my forte. And while its still not my favorite thing to do (minus the reading) it certainly beats playing "Barbie is Mommy and you are the babysitter so here watch my baby named Bella/Sara/Jazz for the 100th time".

I have read varying opinions on how much time I should be spending with her and how much I should encourage her to play on her own. Its hard to know what is right. I want her to be independent but not feel neglected. But I am her Mom, not her constant playmate. Sometimes I just want to use the bathroom without having to leave a detailed map to my location and/or giving a play-by-play of the action.

Someone tell me this is phase and that all preschoolers go through it. Tell me I am not raising a girl who will seek attention -- positive or negative -- her entire life. Or give me the number to a good convent in Siberia.


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