Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Five years ago today ...

I was 30 weeks pregnant with Molly when my water broke at 3 a.m. We had suspected it the day before but were told I was fine. The late night trip to the ER confirmed all was NOT fine.

I would spend the next 12 days watching Gilmore Girls and eating hospital food.

(And consider being wheeled down to the u/s room a big outing.)


Anonymous said...

5 years? Really? Wow. So much has changed in those 5 years hasn't it? Oh, by the way, Moo told me she wants to move back to TN for her birthday. Swear she did. ;)

I'm Jen. said...

It wouldn't be moving back for her -- she has never lived in Tennessee. Perhaps she said she'd like you and Travis to adopt her?

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