Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Slap a chef's hat on me ...

... and call me a cooker*!

I attempted my first batch on garlic naan bread and it was a success. I am a little worried because Dave said "see you can bake" so there might be expectations associated with such a statement. Though in my defense (or offense?) there was no baking, just dough making and then grilling. There were a lot more when I started but I gave some to the neighbor and we ate quite a few with dinner (Chicken Tikka Masala - no culinary excitement there except opening up a jar of Patak's Tikka Masala sauce).

I used the recipe found at All Recipes and I highly recommend reading the comments. There were a few really useful tips in them.

* Not to be confused with a hooker, this is Molly's term for a chef.


Catherine said...

Awesome! I'm impressed!

~*Michelle*~ said...

ooooooooh, looks yummy!

*high five* to the hooker, I mean cooker!

Danz said...


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