Monday, November 22, 2010

Why haven't I been reading?

Because I have been sucked into the world of "Glee".I know I am late to the bus on this TV phenomenon so instead of reading before bed I am renting episodes on iTunes trying to catch up.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veterans Day

To all who have served and will serve ... especially my brother Staff Sergeant Derek Golec ... thank you!

This picture was taken at the send-off for my brother's unit before an 18-month tour of duty in Iraq. Jacob and my niece Grace were two-years-old.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Katy Perry - Firework

I love the message in this song especially in light of all the recent teen suicides.

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Book #99 ... FINALLY!

It only took me two weeks to finish a book that should have taken a day.

Book #99 of 2010 was ... "Mini Shopaholic" by Sophie Kinsella.

Becky Brandon thought motherhood would be a breeze and that having a daughter was a dream come true: a shopping friend for life! But it’s trickier than she thought. Two-year-old Minnie has a quite different approach to shopping. Minnie creates havoc everywhere she goes, from Harrods to her own christening. Her favorite word is “Mine!” and she’s even trying to get into eBay! On top of everything else, Becky and Luke are still living with her parents (the deal on house #4 has fallen through), when suddenly there’s a huge financial crisis. With people having to “cut back,” Becky decides to throw a surprise party for Luke to cheer everyone up. But when costs start to spiral out of control, she must decide whether to accept help from an unexpected source—and therefore run the risk of hurting the person she loves. Will Becky be able to pull off the celebration of the year? Will she and Luke ever find a home of their own? Will Minnie ever learn to behave? And ... most important ... will Becky’s secret wishes ever come true?

If you like the other books in the series you will like this one as well. This book features typical Becky behavior - she has the best intentions but they always lead to near disaster. This time she has a partner in crime - her three-year-old daughter Minnie who might be just as addicted to shopping as Becky. This is light-hearted chick literature at its best.

Up next is "Haunted Bombay" by Shilpa Agarwal.

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Monday, November 08, 2010

Another diversion for you to make up for my lack of reading ...

John Mayer is a tool but I love this song ...

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I miss reading ...

You know I am sick when it takes me forever to finish a book ... No new books to update because I just haven't felt like reading. So instead her is a picture of Molly to placate you in the meantime.

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Monday, November 01, 2010

On a brighter note ... Happy Birthday to Miss Molly!

Six years ago today at around 10:46 a.m., I gave birth to a four pound, six ounce little girl named Molly Elizabeth.

If you didn't guess based on her size, Miss Moo was a tad early (eight weeks to be exact - she was due on Christmas Eve). I spent two weeks in the hospital before I had her and then she spent two weeks in the hospital after she was born.

The first year was a little rough but now she is healthy and happy. She is just as stubborn and impatient as the day she was born and I wouldn't change a thing about her. Love ya, sweet Molly Moo!

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My health or lack thereof ...

I found out today I have a very rare form of psoriasis called von Zumbusch Pustular psoriasis. It's a red rash-like mess covering my entire torso. While most forms are not serious (I have had the non-serious type for 20 years) this is the one that can be life threatening if not treated. I am going on a weekly dose of methotrexate (6 pills on one day) and folic acid on the other days. I will have to go in for weekly blood tests and weekly visits to my doctor. The drug can reek havoc on your kidneys and liver and cause anemia and all other sorts of fun stuff (hence the weekly blood tests). I absolutely cannot get pregnant unless I want a three-headed armless baby.

This is in addition to having strep. Which may or may not have caused the issue. And it's Molly's birthday today.

Needless to say, I am overwhelmed and scared and tired. Prayers or good thoughts are appreciated. I'd say alcohol but I can't drink while on this medicine.

Jen - the itchy one

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