Monday, November 01, 2010

My health or lack thereof ...

I found out today I have a very rare form of psoriasis called von Zumbusch Pustular psoriasis. It's a red rash-like mess covering my entire torso. While most forms are not serious (I have had the non-serious type for 20 years) this is the one that can be life threatening if not treated. I am going on a weekly dose of methotrexate (6 pills on one day) and folic acid on the other days. I will have to go in for weekly blood tests and weekly visits to my doctor. The drug can reek havoc on your kidneys and liver and cause anemia and all other sorts of fun stuff (hence the weekly blood tests). I absolutely cannot get pregnant unless I want a three-headed armless baby.

This is in addition to having strep. Which may or may not have caused the issue. And it's Molly's birthday today.

Needless to say, I am overwhelmed and scared and tired. Prayers or good thoughts are appreciated. I'd say alcohol but I can't drink while on this medicine.

Jen - the itchy one

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Katie said...

WHAT?!? Is this a permanent thing that you've developed or will the medicine make it go away? Bless your heart!

I think you are allergic to living that far north and need to move south. I am so sorry you're going through this and especially on Moo's birthday and especially with the holidays coming up and especially - just period - because it stinks.

I am praying for you that the itchiness will subside and that God will take it all away! Love you!

I'm Jen. said...

I don't think its permanent. The meds should clear it up in up to six months but hopefully sooner. I think I might be more susceptible to developing it again though.

Love ya too!

Katie said...

Oh, 6 that all? Bless your heart!!! That's just yuck!

When are you coming again? I can't find your text and my memory stinks.

I'm Jen. said...

I will be there the 11th of this month assuming this med doesn't whack me out.

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