Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Book #98 of 2010

Book #98 of 2010 was one I snuck in because I had to return it to the library (no more renewals). The book was "Wife Goes On" by Leslie Lehr.

After years of plodding through a not-terrible-terribly humdrum marriage, all the while feeling that life - real, exciting, satisfying - was out there somewhere, Diane is finally free to explore what's next, even if it means starting over with a mountain of debt, tw kids, and an inexplicable sense of optimism...

Beautiful Lana came to Hollywood to make it as an actress. Instead, she found a role as arm candy for a movie star husband - until his very public affair made her fodder for every gossip rag in town. Playing the humiliated spouse isn't Lana's idea of a career, and there's no place like Hollywood for staging a dramatic comeback...

Back in High School, homecoming queen Bonnie and football star Buck were the golden couple everyone envied. Now, as Buck walks out the door leaving Bonnie with two young children, her storybook marriage is in tatters, and she's not at all certain of the next chapter.

Hard-edged divorce lawyer Annette knew the odds going in, but once she fell for Jackson, she closed her eyes and took the leap. She always hoped they'd make it, but some secrets can't be ignored, no matter how much Annette wants to try.

A raunchy twist on the "First Wives Club" with a dash of "Sex in the City" set in California. The plot was often scattered and unbelievable. Plus the ending was saccharine sweet and Hollywood perfect.

So back to "Adam & Eve" which is proving to be a more involved read.

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