Friday, February 05, 2010

Oh my stars!!

I just had the best chocolate cake ever.

Sheila at Strawberry Cake posted how she made the cake from The Pioneer Woman's cookbook. (For those of you who don't know, Sheila is going through all the recipes in the cookbook and posting about it on her blog.) I commented that the Texas sheet cake my MIL made was not good and my hubby teased me about my dislike of it. I suggested possibly maybe I might need an intervention and could she drop off a piece.

And she did!

Molly and I quickly gobbled a few bites and her reaction: "I want the taste of this in my mouth FOREVER!"

Thank you Sheila, from the bottom of Molly and my bellies. (Totally worth the extra Weight Watcher points!)

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Sheila said...

okay I am such a looser...somehow I missed this post of yours but dug down deep there in your blog and found-er...cutey pie molly! I'd bake for those cheeks any day!

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