Friday, February 19, 2010

Book #23 of 2010

I don't really a goal for how many books I will read this year but I think I am on pace to finish between 100-120. Wow!

Look for a contest when I get to Book #50 of 2010 - seems like a good place to reward those of you who are following along.

Anyway ... Book #23 of 2010 was "Breaking out of Bedlam" by Leslie Larson

In her delightful second novel (after Slipstream), Larson injects a jolt of liveliness into the bleak setting of an assisted living home, thanks to the obstinate and crass narrator, 82-year-old Cora Sledge. The overweight, pill-popping Cora is placed in the Palisades by her children after they deem her unfit to care for herself. Once there, she begins writing in the journal her granddaughter gave her, her entries eventually revolving around a big secret from her past. Meanwhile, around the Palisades, Cora is often in the midst of—if not at the center of—resident feuds, both the victim and suspect of a spree of robberies and the recipient of a suave new resident's amorous attention. Perhaps not surprisingly, Cora decides to take control of her life, and as she questions the loyalty of those closest to her, she reveals intimate feelings and personal heartaches that have always been obscured by her rough exterior.

Cora can be a bit over-the-top at times and a few scenes made me squirm a little (geriatric sex, anyone?). The overall tone is humorous but the "secret" that Cora writes about has a sad ending. I am not having an easy time reviewing the book today so I will just leave it there.

Up next ... well, I don't know ... I started three books but I can't decide which one I want to read yet.

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