Monday, February 22, 2010

Book #24 of 2010 ....

Book # 24 of 2010 is ... Potluck Club by Linda Shepherd and Eva Everson.

Meet the Potluck Club--six women who gather each month to share their insatiable appetite for good friends, great food, and a pinch of prayer. Their seemingly unlikely friendship brings a little spice to life in Summit View, Colorado. But when they send up enough misinformed prayers to bring down a church, things get interesting . . . Evie's niece arrives with a broken heart and a big surprise. Lisa Leann tries to take over. Goldie's marriage turns sour. Donna stews over a strange encounter. Lizzie's librarian eyes are on the lookout for trouble. Vonnie must come to terms with a secret she's kept hidden from her best friends. But who knows what life will serve as The Potluck Club discovers that friendship is no piece of cake and a little dash of grace, like salt, goes a long way.

Christian fiction writers always seem to go out of their way to prove their Christian characters are just as human as anyone. Unfortunately, I think sometimes they go too far and present absurd characters instead of real people. I found myself laughing at a few of the characters in this book -- and I don't think they were meant to be funny. The character of Clay and his subplot were completely unnecessary and I still don't understand his purpose in the overall book. I ended up skipping the short chapters that involved him. Perhaps his role in the books is fleshed out more in the next one.

As far as Christian fiction goes this is not one of my favorites. I hope the second one in the series is better and the writers just needed to get their groove going.

Up next is Living Oprah by Robyn Okrant.

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Sheila said...

you do a great job with your reviews. sometimes I feel like I read a book and them I'm like what did I just read...don't think that would make for a very good book review. Keep on readin' lady, 24books already! WOWZA

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