Thursday, February 25, 2010

Greek style ... YOGURT

Someone tell me why I am supposed to like greek-style yogurt. I have heard good things about it but frankly it tastes like something I would normally throw away for being spoiled. Ick.

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Sheila said...

Oh so sorry you don't like greek style yogurt. I actually think this is probably how yogurt is intended to the americanized version has ruined our taste buds for the thicker tangier version...
what kind did you buy? Maybe it was bad. I actually prefer greek style...but I am a weirdo.

I'm Jen. said...

Stoneyfield Organic Vanilla. Is that a good brand? Perhaps you are right and it is my Americanized taste buds that are to blame. As punishment, I think I should send myself to Greece for several weeks. Good idea?

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