Saturday, February 13, 2010

Domestic Dork: The Valentine's Day Blog Exchange

I signed up to participate in Domestic Dork's Valentine's Day Exchange for bloggers -- something I have never done before. (A blog exchange ... well not literally a blog exchange ... but where bloggers send other bloggers gifts ... anyway!)

Holly paired me up with a lovely lady from nearby -- Julie of DutchBeingMe -- which was especially cool. Its nice to get to "know" someone who shares the same area code.

So today when I peeked out the front window I noticed there was a package waiting for me. I was excited to see it was my present from Julie!

She sent me some cool dish scrubbies, a chocolate strawberry spoonrest, a (Spartan green) change purse, pink measuring cups for Moo and I to use when baking, a WW three-month journal (so needed to get me back on track after a really bad week), a "Think Big" stamp, the cutest windmill figurine (for my love of tchotchkes) and a $10 gift card to Barnes and Noble. Can you say WOW!?

But I have to say that while the gifts were all truly great my very FAVORITE part was the note she included to explain each one of them. I have to say that I certainly got the best gift in the entire exchange but perhaps I am biased because it was all for me.

Thanks so much, Julie! You made my day!

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Holly @ Domestic Dork said...

Awesome! I hope you enjoyed the exchange! Thanks so much for participating! I had a blast hosting it. :)

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