Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Book #50 of 2010

Book #50 of 2010 was "The Spellmans Strike Again" by Lisa Lutz.

At the ripe old age of thirty-two, former wild child Isabel "Izzy" Spellman has finally agreed to take over the family business. And the transition won't be a smooth one. First among her priorities as head of Spellman Investigations is to dig up some dirt on the competition, slippery ex-cop Rick Harkey--a task she may enjoy a little too much. Next, faced with a baffling missing-persons case at the home of an aging millionaire, Izzy hires an actor friend, Len, to infiltrate the mansion as an undercover butler--a role he may enjoy a little much. Meanwhile, Izzy is being blackmailed by her mother (photographic evidence of Prom Night 1994) to commit to regular blind dates with promising professionals--an arrangement that doesn't thrill Connor, an Irish bartender on the brink of becoming Ex-boyfriend #12.

At Spellman headquarters, it's business as unusual. Doorknobs and light fixtures are disappearing every day, Mom's been spotted crying in the pantry, and a series of increasingly demanding Spellman Rules (Rule #27: No Speaking Today) can't quite hold the family together. Izzy also has to decipher weekly "phone calls from the edge" from her octogenarian lawyer, Morty, as well as Detective Henry Stone's mysterious interest in rekindling their relationship ... well, whatever it was. Just when it looks like things can't go more haywire, little sister Rae's internship researching pro bono legal cases leads the youngest Spellman to launch a grassroots campaign that could spring an innocent man from jail - or land Rae in it. The Spellmans Strike Again is hands down the most hilarious, thrilling, and moving book in this bestselling, award-nominated series. And it proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Isabel Spellman, no matter how much she matures, will never be able to follow Rule #1: Act Normal.

This is by far one of my favorite series of all times. I didn't want to finish the book because I knew it was going to be the last one. How will I get my Spellman fix now? I do appreciate that Lutz let the characters go before they become formulaic and stagnant like so many authors do with their series. (I am a little worried that there are plans to make a movie about the book -- I can't seen any current actress doing Izzy justice.)

I know that her writing can be off putting to some readers - the footnotes and constant referring to previous books. But I think if you give the books a real chance you will see that Lutz does a great job with it. Her books are some of the funniest I have ever read. You can't help but love the dysfunctional Spellmans.

So I promised that when I got to Book #50, there would be a contest. And there will be one with a real prize. I will be back with details later. For now, I will tell you the next book that I am reading ... "False Mermaids" by Erin Hart.

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Sheila said...

YOU are 1/2 way to 100 you reading maniac. As if you did know that I felt I needed to comment and point it out : P.

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