Sunday, May 16, 2010

Book #47 of 2010

Book #47 of 2010 was ... "Lake of Sorrows" by Erin Hart.

American pathologist Nora Gavin has come to the Irish midlands to examine a body unearthed at a desolate spot known as the Lake of Sorrows. As with all the artifacts culled from its prehistoric depths, the bog has effectively preserved the dead man's remains -- his multiple wounds suggest he was the victim of an ancient pagan sacrifice known as "triple death." But signs of a more recent slaying emerge when a second body, bearing a similar wound pattern, is found -- this one sporting a wristwatch.

Someone has come to this quagmire to sink their dreadful handiwork -- and Nora soon realizes that she is being pulled deeper into the land and all it holds: the secrets to a cache of missing gold, a tumultuous love affair with archaeologist Cormac Maguire, and the dark mysteries and desires of the workers at the site. As they draw closer to the truth, Nora and Cormac must exercise the utmost caution to avoid becoming the next victims of a ruthless killer fixated on the gruesome notion of triple death.

I like Hart's last book (Haunted Ground) and this follow-up was not a disappointment. I love the historical and archeological information that Hart puts into her mysteries. I think because I love historical fiction more than mysteries, I didn't feel like the story was bogged down (no pun intended) into historical information. For me, it enhanced the story.

Looking forward to reading the next one in the series, "False Mermaids".

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