Sunday, May 09, 2010

Book #46 of 2010

Book #46 of 2010 was ... "Nadia Knows Best" by Jill Mansell.

When Nadia Kinsella meets Jay Tiernan, she's tempted. Of course she is. Stranded together in a remote Cotswold pub, with a snowstorm raging outside—let’s face it, who would ever know? But Nadia’s already met The One. She and Laurie have been together for years—they’re practically childhood sweethearts, and she still gets goosebumps at the sight of him. Okay, maybe she doesn’t see that much of him these days, but that’s not Laurie’s fault. She can’t betray him. Besides, when you belong to a family like the Kinsellas—bewitchingly glamorous grandmother Miriam, feckless mother Leonie, stop-at-nothing sister Clare—well, someone has to exercise a bit of self-control, don’t they? I mean, you wouldn’t want to do something that you might later regret.

I am getting to the end of the Mansell books that are available here in the United States (or more specifically at my library). I always enjoy her books for what they are -- light and fluffy. "Nadia Knows Best" did not disappoint.

Up next (or currently) is ... "Lake of Sorrows" by Erin Hart. Its the second book by Hart featuring pathologist Nora Gavin.

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