Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Hate is such a strong emotion, isn't it?

I know of at least one person who I would venture to guess hates me. (There might be a few more but for this post lets just talk about this one, ok?) Perhaps justifiably. I once had diarrhea of the mouth (stop laughing, maybe more than once) and pissed someone off. It was a flip and very ill timed comment. That person unleashed upon me a fury that was so strong, so deep and went so far back that I was roadkill by the time they were done.

Pick me up and throw me off to the side.

It was obvious this person had been internalizing some pretty ugly stuff for a long time. And not just against me -- though I sure did open myself up as a target.

Now your first response might be to tell me to apologize. I may even have done it at the time. But it was obvious that this person had issues that went beyond ... well me. So apologizing for the original act would most likely fall on deaf ears and re-release a tsunami of hate.

The sad part is that this hate has spread itself beyond me. This person lumped in some innocent people with me. Now there are divisions between people that never existed before.

Such a strong emotion behind such a tiny word.

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