Sunday, January 03, 2010

I married Grizzly Adams!

Dave and a co-worker decided to grow beards over the holidays. The fur growing on Dave's face started back around Thanksgiving. I don't mind though Jake thinks it is too scratchy. Dave and aforementioned co-worker intend to shave off their beards (at some point) and go with a mustache for a week. That I won't like.

So for now, I sleep* with Grizzly Adams.

* Not entirely true since usually I sleep with the kids and he sleeps on the couch bed but that's a dysfunction for another day.

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Anonymous said...

He looks like half the guys from college. I can smell the patchouli from here. ;) I do like it though. Very manly.

I'm Jen. said...

Funny you should say that ... he has been using karma soap from LUSH and there is patchouli in it. Apparently he is reverting back to his college ways.

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