Monday, January 18, 2010

Hippos like to read ... Book #10 of 2010

What a horrible weekend of eating. I mean, the food was really good but for someone doing Weight Watchers it was horrid. It negated any weight loss I might have had if I didn't spend the weekend eating like a starving hippopotamus.

Not much I can do but get back on the wagon and eat better this week. I also gained a new book for the book count of 2010. If only reading burned calories, I'd be svelte!

"Family Affair" by Caprice Crane

In Crane's hilarious third relationship soap (after Forget About It), a divorcing couple fights for custody, not of a child or a pet but of an entire family. Layla and Brett Foster became high school sweethearts after her mother died and her musician father abandoned her in the care of Brett's parents. Their subsequent marriage appeared rock solid, but now, on the verge of 30, still immature Brett is a college football coach who begins thinking the thrill is gone. Somewhat clueless Layla is a pet photographer and co-owner of TLC Paw Prints with sister-in-law Trish, and just when Layla brings up the possibility of having kids, Brett blurts out his desire to divorce. In the ensuing domestic battle royale, Brett's family become Layla's fierce allies, and Brett turns jealous and furious when Layla files a countersuit for joint custody of Brett's family.

Oh my goodness, I wanted to like this book. I really, really did. In fact, I might have liked it but one of the main characters was such a tool it made me want to scream. I have no idea what Layla saw in Brett. He is a narcissistic twit to the very bitter end. So any enjoyment I might have had was negated by him. Sorry.

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