Monday, September 28, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Its another rousing rendition of the little ditty we have all come to know as ... Not Me! Monday ...

I assure you I did not read a scary book last night that had me thinking every creak was a monster on the stairs. Laugh if you must but I challenge you to read "The House of Lost Souls" by F.G. Cottam and not hear things going bump in the night.

I did not allow the kids to sleep in well past the normal wake up time. And after doing this I did not have to drive my son to school. Where I did not curse the debacle that is the carpool lane.

I did not go to Marshalls to buy something for my husband only to end up with something for Molly and I as well.

I do not plan to tell the kids it is bedtime earlier than normal and take advantage of the rain making it dark early.

So what are you NOT going to do?


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