Monday, September 21, 2009

Not Me! Monday

There is no way that I ran out of eggs and had to drag myself to the store before our first MOPS meeting of the new year to get my "homemade" muffins. And I certainly didn't tell a co-leader that maybe I didn't want to be a leader ... before the first meeting even started.

I certainly don't have 10 books from the library on my nightstand ... and I didn't add more to it this afternoon. I also didn't think to myself that we need to find a new branch because we've read all the good books. Its not like we read six books every night.

And I am not going to look at a new car this evening that would officially make me a "Mini-van Mom". Not me, I am too cool for that.

So what did you not do today?


rachel said...

I did NOT add Bacardi to my afternoon coca-cola just to get through the day.

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