Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Last one standing.

You know how when you buy a certain car, you suddenly start seeing it all over the road. It is like everyone and their mother's aunt's dog's sitter is driving one.

Well I have discovered the same is for pregnant women. I am probably a tad feeling sorry for myself. But it seems like I can hold my arms out without hitting a pregnant belly. College friend, due on my original due date. Sister-in-law, due on my adjusted due date.

I'd be almost 12 weeks -- ready for the second trimester with a little pouch and the beginnings of movement. Instead I am in the middle of my first post-miscarriage AF with little more in my belly than some Indian food (albeit good Indian food). 

I am trying to move away from posting about the miscarriage all the time and having that become the focus of this blog. But please excuse this little foray into self-pity. I swear its momentary.


--Boaz-- said...

you talk about it all you need to. we are here for you. open ear always for venting, ranting, sympathy, or just shooting the BS.

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