Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The post in which you suddenly become insanely jealous of my life ...

My kids are gone all day every day this week at camp. From 7:40 a.m. to 5:20 p.m., I am blissfully and totally ALONE.

My plans so far are to do a lot of nothing followed by another heaping scoop of more nothing. Well, I might throw in some reading (Pretty in Plaid by Jen Lancaster - funniest writer EVER), movie watching (Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns) and I will exercise. But only when I want to exercise and definitely not early in the morning.

I might even nap. Naps are my friend and I haven't hung out with my friend in a few weeks.

Did I mention Dave is gone all week too? (And if you are a stalker or a murderer or robber, don't think this is an open invite to come over -- I have mad kung-fu skills AND I am from Detroit. I could hurt you. Bad.)

I would keep blogging but I think it constitutes as doing something -- and that's just not on the agenda this week. ;)


~*Michelle*~ said...

enjoy the peace...

But why is it that you crave naps all the time when it is impossible to do so....but when you have the opportunity, you cannot.

I vote for some retail therapy, even just walking up and down Tar-Jay's aisles is nice. How about treating yourself to a pedicure?

whatever you do.....do it for YOU!

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