Thursday, June 04, 2009

Get in shape, girl!

(Thanks to Catherine for reminding me of that bit of 1980s nostalgia.)

I am a bit of a celebrity news junkie. Its not one of my prouder hobbies but one I am willing to admit (its all about transparency, my friends). So anyway, there's a little buzz about Melissa Joan Hart having lost weight recently (I know you are thinking WHO? Its Sabrina the Teenage Witch, folks). She was 155 pounds (gasp!) and now is 113 pounds. She did a front page article for People magazine talking about how fat she felt blah blah blah.

There are so many things about the article that I could complain about so I will start with this: The media again is pushing the idea that skinny is better. Poor Melissa was miserable being an average-size (yes, 12 is average in the U.S.) but look how happy she is now that she is at the low end of her BMI (even at 5'2 she is near the bottom end of her healthy weight). Good gravy! The woman had just given birth to a child. It takes nine months to gain and nine months to lose. Unless of course you are in Hollywood and you lose it in two days. What happened to promoting healthy habits for teenage girls? Is that so yesterday? I understand that obesity is an issue in the U.S. However, the answer to obesity is not going to the other extreme. I eat fairly well and I exercise six days a week. I am not a pencil nor will I ever be one. Being healthy and in shape does not mean you have to be a size 0.

The other issue that rubs me wrong is that she is getting accolades for having lost the weight. People, she is a celebrity -- granted a B- or even C-lister. She has a personal trainer, a nutritionist, a chef and a nanny to watch her kids while she works out. I don't care what anyone says, its easier for her (or any celebrity). Why should we applaud her? I'd rather applaud my friends with their two, three or four kids and no nanny who still manage to exercise. Their personal trainer is a DVD of Jillian Michaels and they are their own chef. Those are the women who really have to work hard at exercising and being healthy because there is no one to help them.

I will applaud Melissa -- and any other celebrity -- once she has to do it on their own. Until then -- sorry to say -- I am not impressed.


Catherine said...

I completely agree.

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