Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Laying it out for ya ...

If you come to this blog expecting some great moral discussions, you will surely be disappointed. If you came expecting me to wax poetic about a great political matter, you might want to leave now. In fact, if you came with any expectations you will probably not have them met. There are a ton of great bloggers out there who do a much better job. I am not telling you stop visiting my blog -- by all means stop by if all you are looking for is random moments in my life and mind. I got ya covered on that one. I am not even saying that I won't sometimes delve into issues deeper than whether a refrigerator is a TV or not. There are some topics near and dear to my heart that fire me up at times. For now, though, those issues are not the sole focus of this blog -- more like parts of the bigger whole.

So lower your expectations, sit back and enjoy the peek into my cluttered mind.


~*Michelle*~ said...

I am always enjoying my "stay" at your place!

keep it going! :)

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