Thursday, May 14, 2009

Three Things Thursday

It's another great addition of ...

You can write about any three random things that come to your pretty little mind - be it totally silly or completely serious. Then drop by the blog of Michelle, inventor of the Three Things Thursday and all-around super person, to let her know you did.

Without further ado, my three things are ... countries I want to visit before I go to Heaven. I've never traveled outside of the U.S. except to Canada. Given the fact that I grew up 10 minutes from the Canadian border (and my closest option was Windsor) it never felt any different than visiting ... say Ohio. I will say Toronto rocks as a big city. Anyway, back to the list.

1. England. I think this is a good first option for the foreign language impaired. There won't be (much of) a language barrier.

2. India. A country that is as beautiful as it is destitute. I have such a soft spot in my heart for the people and culture of this country.

3. New Zealand and Australia. Okay, technically two countries but if you are going to travel that far you might as well hit them both.

So there you go ... further insights into the wacky mind that is mine.


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