Monday, May 04, 2009

Jacob Einstein

They want to move Jacob into third grade next year (from first) so they can start him in the gifted and talented program. He has already completed all of the first and second grade reading and math curriculum. He took a standardized national tests and he was in the high 80th percentile nationally for second graders.

This all hinges on us helping him to get his behavior under control. They'd like us to trial him on an ADHD med (something we had on the back burner) to see if it helps with his impulsiveness. Since he has the academics down, the only thing holding him back is his behavior.

My head feels a little whirly right now -- its a lot to take in. I skipped second grade and I found it hard in terms of "rites of passage" moments (driver's license, turning 21, etc.). His birthday is earlier so it won't be as hard for him but still. Do I want to do that to him? At the same time, he is bored at school and they are doing everything they can to challenge him. Do I want him to try meds? We have noticed his impulsiveness increasing lately. This might help at school and at home.


I really need to pray, pray, pray (and you can pray for us too!)


~*Michelle*~ said...

Praying that God reveals the best solution for you and, I love that kid!

(and you too~!)


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