Friday, September 24, 2010

Book #87 of 2010

Book #87 of 2010 was "Thin, Rich, Pretty" by Beth Harbidon.

Twenty years ago Holly and Nicola were the awkward outsiders at summer camp, and rich and popular Lexi was their nemesis. As adults, all three women are having trouble finding their place. Holly, a successful gallery owner, is struggling with her weight and a manipulative boyfriend. Nicola tries to revive her slumping acting career with plastic surgery, making her just another pretty face. Lexi is left nearly penniless and with few real-world skills after her father's death. Through a chance meeting, Holly and Nicola find out Lexi was not nearly as charmed as they thought, and they set out to right a wrong they committed as kids.

A light read about what makes us truly happy - Money? Love? A perfect body? The three main characters each had and lost what they thought made them who they are only to get it back in a new way. 

Up next is "Bijou Roy" by Ronica Dhar. I am excited to read this book because it received a good review from Abraham Verghese, the author of one of my favorite books "Cutting for Stone".

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