Friday, September 17, 2010

And the angels rejoiced ...

My laptop is finally back home with me and *knock on wood* appears to be fixed. Can I get an "AMEN"?

I don't know where to start with my posting because some of you care about the books and some of you care about my personal updates (Hi Katie!). I guess I will go with pictures of the kids from their first day of school.

This, my friends, is classic Jake face.

So happy for the first day of school!

The second day dawned with a little more enthusiasm ... or at least they got better at faking it.

We are two weeks in and so far all is well. Jake started third grade and he is in the gifted program and advanced math class. No surprise the kid is smarter than me, now we just need to work on the social skills. Molly is in kindergarten and she seems to like school. She is playing soccer for the first time and she is also taking a gymnastics class.

She was mad that her uniform was too big.

So that should pretty much bring you up to speed on the kids. The dog, well she's just happy to still be alive.

As for me, I have been reading of course! Stay tuned for the next post with the list of books I have read most recently.

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strawberry CAKE said...

Glad you are back you were missed!

Katie said...

LOVE the pics of the kids! I might have laughed out loud at the enthusiasm a little.

I cannot beleive Moo is already in Kindergarten! Wow. Time flies. Thanks for posting them. I miss the updates when they aren't there. :)

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