Friday, August 28, 2009

Everytime we say goodbye ...

Today I had sangria with a neighbor. It felt so normal. I even felt confident that by next Spring I'd be pregnant again. Then I come home, things slow down and darn it if the sadness doesn't creep in again. I guess its always lurking in the shadows and some times I am better at keeping it at bay.


~*Michelle*~ said...

OH Jen...know that I am praying for you. That image of the ocean is a reminder that grieving comes in waves....and it's perfectly normal. I am not sure the sadness ever goes away, but I can assure you that God has a way of bringing us through it all.

Embrace every friend told me this one time and I love it:

tears are for the soul like soap is to the body.....

and continue to give praise to The One who gives and takes away. I know sometimes it is almost downright impossible to do that. But we serve a GREAT God who is for us and not against us. During these trials it is difficult to see what the Plan is...believe me, I have a few questions that I plan on asking in Heaven myself.


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