Thursday, April 02, 2009

Three Things Thursday

There are three things I need to get done today:

1. Go to the library. I've got things to return and holds to pick up. Yesterday, the library and I were not getting along. The customer service there is not optimal and I got a little perturbed (enough to write a complaint email). But I love reading too much to stay mad for a long time.

2. Go to the post office to mail a present (part of a swap that is long overdue to be mailed) and an Ebay sale (three Hanna Andersson dresses that would be more like crop tops for Molly now).

3. Wash clothes for our upcoming trips. The kids and I are going to visit my Mom this weekend. We will come home for a day and then head south to Great Wolf Lodge for two days. The kids (and I) are excited for our first trip there. Jake asked me last night what the first thing we could do there was and I told him anything he wants. :)


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