Saturday, April 18, 2009


Is it ever OK to be selfish?

We are lead to caste off our own wants and needs to help others. We teach our children to share. Selfish is not something we want to promote.

So why this serious question today? Because I am feeling like I want to be totally selfish. Dave has been gone all week. I have spent more time outside than I normally would (being of the not so enamored with outside person). I have tried to be fun Mom to help the time pass for both the kids and myself.

Today, I want the day off. I want to do nothing but sit on my duff. I want to read a book, play on the 'puter and basically just shirk off my responsibilities. I don't want to be entertainer, comforter, feeder or anything else that requires my focus to be on anything but me.

So there ya go. Today, I am selfish.


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