Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How I spent my week ...

This picture pretty much sums it up:

Molly has been sick since Monday afternoon. It sucks because we haven't been able to do anything (and the weather was glorious). Of course, I imagine it sucks a lot more for her since she's the one spending most of the day with her head in the toilet. I have to give her credit -- outside of one instance of puking on the neighbor's driveway, she makes it to the toilet every time. Impressive. I seem to recall that when I was her age, I never made it the two steps from my bedroom to the bathroom without decorating the wall. (Sorry Mom and Grandma.)

Did I mention if it get two feet from her, she freaks out. She just came out of her Kipper video induced stupor and realized I was gone. Bye!


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