Friday, February 29, 2008


Well we are moving back to Michigan this summer. I have mixed emotions. We love it here but we will be closer to family there. Jake seems okay with the idea because he knows he will get to see his Michigan friends again. Molly is clueless but I think she will have a hard time leaving "her Keegan".

I've been under tons of stress lately which hasn't been helped by this news. I even ended up in the ER one morning. I've mostly gotten myself back on track but I am awaiting some blood work results. The medicines I am on make me very tired so its hard to function throughout the day. I need lots of naps. Not good when you have a particularly active (and destructive) three year old.

Speaking of aforementioned three year old, she got kicked out of dance this morning for not listening. Threw a fit because I wouldn't let her play in the gym after class. Tore some tubing off the stairwell at class (its meant to soften the blow if you walk into it). She is currently in her room and I am sure she is destroying it. Sigh.

I am going to post a separate post about Jake because this one is too whiny.


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