Friday, February 29, 2008

Jake is SIX!

Yesterday, my sweet little first born baby boy turned six. I can't believe it. Where did my little chubby baby go? I can barely hold him in my arms he has gotten so big. At least he promises me that he will always want to fall asleep in my bed. I told him his wife might not agree to that and he said he won't get married.

We celebrated with brownies at school and O'Charley's for dinner. His big birthday party will be Saturday with all his friends. We are having a balloon maker/magician guy come. Hopefully he enjoys it.

Happy Birthday, buddy. Mommy loves you from the tip of your toes, past your nose to the top of your head.


Jen Brann said...

Awww, they grow too fast! Happy birthday to Jake!!!!

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