Friday, January 04, 2008

Pearls of Wisdom

If you read my Myspace blog, this is repeat information. Sorry.

Why is it that my MIL thinks I want her pearls of wisdom?

While we were at my in-laws for Christmas I was having yet another heartwarming and wonderful conversation (read with sarcasm, please) with my MIL when she laid this gem on me: "I think Molly is delayed because she was a preemie." Then she went on to glorify the virtues of my niece who is ONE YEAR OLDER than Molly. Herein lies the issue though ... now I am looking at Molly and thinking "well what if she's right?" I have nothing to compare Molly to because Jacob in terms of verbal and reading skills, he was light years ahead of her at the same age. But that's not fair to compare them because 1.) its just not good to compare kids and 2.) Jake has underlying issues that make him unique.

Molly has no color, letter or number recognition. She sings the ABC song but she has no clue what it means. Her motor skills are fine and she is verbal (though quieter when she is around strangers). Adding to this is that I am knee deep in reading about autism because of Jake which is probably making me more sensitive. But I would hate to miss something and not get Moo help if she needed.

When I read online, she meets some of the intellectual criteria minus the above mentioned color, letter and number recognition. Her ped had no concerns at her three-year appointment. My instinct says nothing is wrong. So why do I let my MIL and her constant verbal diarrhea bother me?


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