Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New therapy

It's a good thing Jake LOVES his therapies 'cause we are adding a new one. His play therapist (like a regular therapist but uses play to help kids) said he has no problem solving skills (or at least not age-appropriate). This becomes evident in school when he can't figure out how to properly interact with his peers especially in conflict. So his OT center offers a social skills class that works on exactly that -- social skills from dealing with emotions to playing with friends. Hopefully he will start in two week. :thumb

I really need to come up with a class that Molly can take -- something that is her own. At this point, she is spending too much time in waiting rooms. She doesn't see it as Jake working, just him having fun.

On another front, Jake is adapting well to almond milk and the non-dairy diet. He still wants to know when he can have dairy again but hopefully the desire subsides. Or we see no changes and he goes back to dairy. Though the latter choice means we will have to see if there is a different allergen.


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