Friday, February 03, 2006

My complaints for today ...

1. Dave (the husband) thinks he helps me with the kids. And in some cases he does help me. However, I have to nag to get him to help. Plus he is very much like another kid.

2. I don't get enough sleep.

3. I keep forgetting to take my happy pills.

4. Jake demands things now instead of asking.

5. Molly is a tyrant.

6. This apt. is way too small and yet I can't manage to keep it clean.

7. I have lost my Mommy mojo.


Danz said...

Hey Jen,
2. I think lack of sleep is the main issue. Most of us have a harder time coping with anything when we don't get enough sleep, and I know you don't get anywhere NEAR enough sleep. *hug*
1. I am sorry you have to nag Dave to get him to help, but it's good he'll do it if you do nag. I hope you guys can have a heart to heart about this.
3. I am going to start asking you if you took your pills today. And don't take it like me saying, "oh you arebeing snotty, did you take your pill?" Take it like, "Jen, I know I forget to take mine lots too, did you remember YOURS today?"
4. Keep working with Jake. He's being normal, as annoying as it is. Aubrey is doing this too. *sigh* And whining. I feel for you!
5. Molly play nice!
6. You have a huge houseful of stuff smushed into a tiny apt. You're doing your best, and hopefully you can figure out another living situation soon.
7. Keep your chin up, I am praying for you.

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