Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!

I don't care if it is a Hallmark holiday, I love it. I am a gift harlot and I can admit it. So there. Give me cards, flowers, chocolate, and anything else you can think of to give me. Thanks.

SO I was excited to attend a parenting class at church tonight. I thought it might be interesting. The minute I looked at some of the information, I knew I was wrong.

One word: EZZO
Another word: BABYWISE

I got out as quickly as I could. I imagine they are wondering what happened to me in the bathroom, LOL. I ended up (after much heartache and praying) writing an email to the church about the class. I suggested they might consider offering alternatives. I am probably blacklisted now. Oh well. There are some things worth speaking up over and this was one of them for me.


Danz said...

Props to you for standing up for your anti-Ezzo parenting beliefs, sweetie. *hugs*

TulipGirl said...

It still astonishes me that churches allow this to be taught--with Ezzo's unresolved church discipline issues.

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