Wednesday, December 01, 2010


I am not sure how to take our local library system KDL's (continual) rejection of my application(s) to be a book shelver at various branches. Their form letter answer is always the same: because someone has more credentials than I.

To stack books. 


I love books. One might even say I am obsessed with books. I can alphabetize. I can lift my arms in an upward shelving motion. I even have a college degree with the intent to get my masters in library science.

So what gives? Do I need to perfect my snarly, disinterested library worker attitude prior to employment? Or perhaps there is a special group out there - the Alphabet Elitists - who know the alphabet better than average citizens. They can easily say it forward and backwards without missing a "p"or missplacing a "q".

Perhaps one day my book shelving dreams will come true. Until then I will just keep organizing my own books.

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Katie said...

Depends. Did you list Mark as a reference? ;) No seriously - that's bogus. Have you tried calling them to see if they'll tell you more (although they'll probably say you're over qualified)?

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