Sunday, July 18, 2010

Blueberries and Book #65 of 2010

We decided the kids around here need to start earning their keep so sent them to a blueberry farm.

Happy hired help!

Jacob decided to go on strike before he even started.

A thank you to the nice people at Blueberry Trails in Conklin, Michigan. The blueberries are YUMMY!

Now on to books ... Book #65 of 2010 was "The Almond Picker" by Simonetta Agnello Hornby.

A family saga, Sicilian style. The tale opens with the death of the woman Mennulara, whose name in Sicilian dialect means the almond picker. And so she was in her youth, trying to support an impoverished and sickly family. Before her death, Mennu, who had been in service to the matriarch of the Alfallipe family since she was 13, leaves cryptic instructions for the squabbling and disagreeable family. Hornby tells her story by spiraling back through Mennu's hard life. In the process, she emerges as a kind of secular saint, not only caring for her own family and the Alfallipes but also learning to read, overseeing the household accounts, managing investments, studying local archaeology and music, and even having secret ties to the Mafia and to the family.

I am not sure how to describe this story - it is not fast paced or full of action but rather a study of one person's impact on an entire family and town. Nonetheless, I did enjoy it.

Up next is "City of Bells" by Elizabeth Goudge.
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Katie said...

The kids both look like they've had growth spurts this summer! Wow! And I cracked up at Jacob's boycotting of the blueberries. Ha Ha I love it! He looks like a teenager though. We can't have that! It's too soon!!!!

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