Saturday, April 10, 2010

Seven days in ...

and I am ready to be done with vacation. Is that sad? Two more sleeps to go and then we head home ...

(For those who don't know, we have spent the last week touring Southern California. We are finishing up in San Diego before flying out on Monday.)

Things I have learned this week:
1. Going out to eat for three meals a day every day is an idea that is great in concept but not so great in reality.
2. My kids are afraid of Mickey Mouse. And Donald Duck. And Chip and Dale. So basically anyone in a costume ... but not princesses because as Molly says "they are real."
3. There are lots of people in Southern California. Lots of people who all drive on the same road you are on at the same time.
4. (And most importantly) Nine days is way too much time to be spending with your family in a small hotel room.

See you all back in the Eastern Time Zone!

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Friberg Clan said...

Well...we miss you so head on home girl!

travisandkatie said...

Princesses ARE real! I love it!

Strawberry Cake said...

Vacation can get exhausting can't it? It's all about the memories you're making with those cutey patooties of yours! Safe Travels!

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