Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Book #33 of 2010

"Miranda's Big Mistake" by Jill Mansell

Taking a position as a trainee in a posh London hair salon may not seem the ideal situation for finding Mr. Right, but this breezy, whimsical novel from best-selling British chick-lit author Mansell (An Offer You Can't Refuse) introduces just such a heroine, Miranda, to a wide range of men, from panhandler to racecar driver, on her way to true love (and true retaliation). In a series of escapades too over-the-top even for Bridget Jones, feisty but accident-prone Miranda joins forces with other unlucky-in-love ladies, including a pregnant woman abandoned by her no-good husband and an aging but still-game landlady with a terminally greedy son.

This is not great literature -- its silly, far-fetched romance. And that is exactly why I like it. Mansell's books are the perfect vacation read -- light and easy if not very realistic.

Next up is The Red Queen by Margaret Drabble.

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