Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jacob meets his favorite author ...

We traveled to Battle Creek on Thursday evening so Jacob could meet his favorite author and illustrator Mark Crilley. Jacob acted a little shy but he was really thrilled to meet him. (Even though the picture might have you thinking otherwise.)

Unlike a certain "author" (ahemkategosselinahem) I met last year, Mark was extremely gracious and personable. He knows how to hold the interest and attention of his audience regardless of their age. And he genuinely seems to appreciate that you want to read his books.

If you have a child who likes to read adventure stories -- especially humorous ones that take place in outer space -- check out Mark's Akiko series.  Jake is reading the series for the second time around - he liked it that much. And I find it just as entertaining as he does which makes it bedtime reading a lot easier. 

P.S. Mark also has a manga series called Miki Falls that might appeal to an older child or teen.


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