Tuesday, September 09, 2008

We've moved ...

We are officially in our new house. In fact, we have been here for over two weeks. I just haven't posted. Sorry. Believe it or not, moving actually takes a considerable amount of work. Seventy-five percent of the family is settling in very well -- I will let you guess which 25 percent is not. (If you guessed Jake, pat yourself on the back.)

Take one kids who hates change, move him to a new state, house and school and see what you get. I'd love to get into more detail but my Xanax prescription has run out and I have to be sober at the bus stop. I'm mostly kidding (not about Jake's behavior but about what crutches I would need to get through retelling it all).


Danz said...

You're hilarious. You should write for somewhere. Seriously. Sober at the bus stop. ROFL!

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