Thursday, April 03, 2008

Jenny McCarthy does not speak for me ...

When did Jenny McCarthy become the spokesperson for all parents with autistic children? I think her current stance on autism is crap (for lack of a better word). My son does not SUFFER from a DEBILITATING disease. He does not need to be CURED of autism. What he needs is a world that accepts HIM for HIM. That doesn't force its own ideals or way of thinking on him. He is extremely intelligent, loving and funny. He may not view the world the same as you and I -- but that doesn't mean he isn't a valuable member of society. I am sick of the countless theories about what causes autism -- vaccines, mothers consuming alcohol while pregnant, environment toxins, etc. How about we accept that maybe our kids were born with a brain that works a little differently? Not better, not worse -- just different.

Jenny McCarthy does not and never will speak for me. Ever.


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